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Which picture would you take if you never seen a picture before?

July 29th, 2013

I am thinking about Style since many years, in all different forms and came to the conclusion that it is next to impossible to develop your own since we are getting so much input from what we see and experience.
The only way I can think of, if you want purity and 100% originality, you would have to grow up in a cave by yourself and then start doing your art, whatever that is.
Would be an interesting experiment, and even more interesting ...... what art form would you choose, you don't know any, never seen a painting, never heard music.
What would you do to express yourself? Where would your brain lead you without any outside info as we know it. Maybe dance would be the first .....................

How could one start from scratch?
What picture would you take if you never seen one?
Would it be possible to reset your brain to zero (assuming you are operating on a bigger value than that right now) and take a picture, assuming it is the first picture ever taken, what would you shoot.

Eh, I forgot to take my medication ...........

What I think about protection of data on the Internet

July 29th, 2013

I never understood yet the over protection of data.
Nothing has changed in the advertising/spam world. When I drive down the highway, there is a billboard every 300 feet. My mailbox is packed every day with spam. On my phone I get unsolicited calls all the time.
The Internet is a fairly new media and it is wonderful. I remember how much I had to spend for advertising in pre WWW times.
Data are collected since we invented paper. Dentists, doctors, government, when you register a car, everywhere .............. no Internet needed.

What has changed? I can network with people on the other side of the planet within seconds. If I have something for sale they can find me, thanks to the data Google and others store.

Many years ago, I had my cell phone cloned, my credit card twice, I got the money back within days. Before that people stole your wallet, all those things are existing for a long time.
If you use your common sense, you will be fine.

I love the Internet and the network possibilities that come with it FOR FREE and have nothing to hide.

Sometimes I feel some people are like the ones that thought the first steam engine was the devil.
This is 2013 and we are lucky to live in that exiting time of communication. We need to be open minded, nobody can sell anything to me unless I choose so, for the rest there is a delete button. We never had access to so much free stuff before the Internet, those sites need to make money too and therefore collect data, I prefer that to washing dishes for them.
Just my opinion of course .......................

What I think about donating my work

June 21st, 2013

Here's what I do:

I don't download music from pirate sites,
I buy the album.

I don't copy images from the net and use them, I buy stock.

If I come to your event, I pay, even if you invited me.

If I watch a movie, I rented or bought it.

Unknown artists always are lured in with exposure. If I want to give, I find a charity myself to pay it forward.
The best exposure is if you sell a lot, and the quality of the published item etc.

Nobody with a brand name would donate, unless it's a huge tax write off, or the publisher itself is huge.
If I get my image on the cover of an Amnesty International publication, with credit - that's exposure that could be from value.
But we are not asked to do that, a huge brand name artist will grab that and his big name will also be an asset to the publication.

If somebody uses my work, I want to get paid.
If I use somebodies service I pay.
This is how our society works at the moment. Everybody deserves to eat.

I don't fall for this anymore. I am a photographer and constantly get invited to parties. At the beginning I thought I was so popular, since I'm such a great guy, till one day I noticed that there always was a small paragraph at the bottom of the invitation:
PS: Hope to see you there, feel free to bring your camera.

My favorite interview

June 21st, 2013

Although this is about music and not photography, it reflects the way I think about fine art as well. Hope you enjoy it, it's 10 years old. Please click on the button "More information" to read.